Custom "No BS" Email Marketing Solutions And Copywriting That Drive Sales

"I really like you" - Ryan Moran

Hi, my name is Ben and I have just one question:

Are you sick of the "same old" email content that doesn't drive sales? 

Me too. 

After  years of receiving and reading (or not bothering to read) so many bad emails from businesses of all types, I decided to change that. 

I founded Compulsive Copy.

 A customized email marketing solution with the sole purpose of truly engaging your email list and converting that engagement into sales, lots of sales.
This is exactly what happens when you ditch the "same old" boring email tactics and start sending your list the "right stuff"

So if you're ready for more funds and more fun then read on.

But it gets better...

You see most email marketing agencies and businesses just "squeeze" their email list by blasting out colorful coupons and dreary discount codes.

And this works... but only for a time... pretty soon open rates drop, your customers lose interest and the dreaded "list fatigue" sets in.

But not anymore.

It's time to turn up the connection and the conversions with this simple and human approach to brand building, storytelling, and selling.

If this sounds simple that's because it is.
As the saying goes people love to buy but they hate to be sold...

And that's where most email marketing goes wrong...

 There is nothing wrong with discounts and designs but you need to remember one thing:

Just like you the person receiving every email is a real person.

So with that in mind let me ask you this:

Which type of emails do you read?

That's what I thought.

It's time to give your customers some emails they care about.

And you'll see for yourself how increases your email engagement and sky rockets sales:

It gets to the point where you might need to stop emailing!

Because you are simply sold out.

Sound good?

Then let's hop on a call 


Don't Be Like The Rest Darling

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